Co.Lab facilitates cultural change in schools & colleges.

At Co.Lab, we're not just proposing solutions; we're nurturing a movement to integrate wellbeing into the heart of education and shifting the culture at large, from reactive to proactive and preventative solutions.

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The Platform

Connecting schools, colleges and their mental health practitioners to assess, implement, and maintain a Whole School College Approach to mental health & wellbeing.

From high quality content, interventions, and support, to holistic tracking and measuring of progress and impact, Co.Lab is the one platform designed for schools, colleges, and practitioners.


For Practitioners

Co.Lab allows you to systematically support schools & colleges to adopt Public Health England’s Whole School College Approach via one platform.

Enable Co.Laboration

Access specialist content - workshops & tasks – from other professionals and trusted organisations.

  • Access and add to a national resource hub

  • Opportunity to co-create workshops with leading CYPMH orgs

  • Collect national data to inform resource development, initiatives and staff resource

Evidence impact

With a holistic data view, we make it easy to measure. Allowing you to create real narratives around quality and impact.

  • Collect content evaluation data from participants

  • Get dashboard overviews, including KPIs & popular resources

Maximise clinical capacity

Co.Lab gives you tools to streamline and fundamentally improve your ability to connect and impact multiple schools or colleges.

  • Link and cluster schools or colleges with similar ambitions

  • Avoid duplication of effort as the Co.Lab platform builds

  • Accommodate further reach of your Mental Health service

Working as part of a school or college?

If you’re employed in a school or college to help build out their WSCA, take a look at the benefits of Co.Lab from an educator point of view.

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The Whole School College Approach

Our young people are experiencing a mental health epidemic, with multiple factors playing into their wellbeing. We believe every school deserves access to high quality psychoeducation.

The Whole School College Approach works to address this mental health epidemic.

Created by Public Health England and endorsed by the NHS and DfE, the approach advocates eight key principles to promote positive wellbeing in schools and colleges.

Everything we do at Co.Lab is underpinned by peer-reviewed clinical research.

Co.Laboration for all

Co.Lab is the one platform offering a seamless experience for both schools or colleges, and their mental health practitioners.

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As part of a school or college

  • Audit and assess your school or college
  • See your successes and areas for improvement
  • Find and implement evidence-based interventions
  • Find approved resources from practitioners
  • Evidence school development in a timely manner

As support for a school or college

  • Connect with schools, colleges and other practitioners
  • Create intervention content and plans
  • Collaborate with schools or colleges on their audit
  • Find approved resources from other practitioners
  • Evidence your systemic input and impact in a timely manner

Discover what Co.Lab can do for you

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